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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Your point is well taken but as a daily driver it's hard to get to the handling limit of the M3 or even the 335 for that matter. I do push the turns wherever I can and it's so easy to get the back end of the 335 to come out - which makes it a lot more fun actually than the M3 for DD duties. This trait is a liability to the 335 on the track unless one's goal is to drift (not mine).

I don't know if your 335 was an n54 with meth, but if so, the M3 is just slug in comparison. Winding the M3 out to 8,400 RPM such a chore on the street but you need to do it for it get moving.For me, my 335 is WAY more fun on the street than the stock DCT M3.

My M3 is now blown with Akra/MRF exhaust so it will likely change the DD charactistics dramatically. Hopefully I will like it better than the 335 for DD.
I had a N55 fbo lol. Im not all about power im more about balance now. I looked into c63s and fast straight line cars but they are all missing something. Although the m3 is not the fastest in a straight line it has the brakes, suspension, and looks. I personally thought the N55 was cool but that tiny power band sucks and it dies off by 5900 rpm. I think the m3 is the clear substitute in my position but others have different needs. In my opinion the 335s (n54&n55) lack in terms of handling (no lsd), power band (stock turbos), and sound. Where the m3 performs well in all of those categories. I obviously have different needs and opinions than others but I feel if you are gonna go to the track and take your car on canyons a lot the m3 is a batter choice. But the 335 is not a bad substitue if money is tight. But by the time you have turned your 335 into an m3 killer, you could have had the m3. I agree on the 335 being a better daily for most. But most peoples daily drives arent through the canyons along the west coast. I also track my car so its nice to have the extra cooling,braking, and handling.

sorry for the long ass post, took to much adderall before class loool
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