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Originally Posted by mastek View Post

BTW, is there a NASA official at this dyno run?? (quick answer, NO).
There was at Nationals.

And at all Mid-Atlantic events.

Your point was that it was basically impossible for someone to run GTS3 in an E46 M3 with an EPIC tune. Since he is running that, how are you not implying that he is cheating?

Main point here, was that it is possible to run an E46 M3 in GTS3 trim w/ an EPIC detune. This detune was run at Nationals. At Nationals, there was a dyno impound (with officials present). Further, I think the top 5 cars in GTS3 had EPIC detunes. Finally, some cars were black boxed and data logged. If youre cheating with power, it's pretty evident on the straights.

Maybe your region is full of cheats, I dont know. I also dont know you, or what you race, but dont assume everyone who is faster or has a better built car is cheating. From my experience, most people who bend the rules arent the ones up front....