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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
why do these guys pay $600+ each for bottle service?

I never understood it

Then again, I'm not the type that gets drunks/parties/goes clubbing more than once a year, if that.
I just can't fathom spending money on drinking/clubbing. I mean...why? What's the point? To hook up? If you need to spend that kind of money to maybe get a woman, then just hire an escort for around 500- 1k and call it a night. Guaranteed, no need to "try," and she will do what you say.

Hell, I remember when I was there during memorial day weekend and I heard it was like $50 to get into a club. I said screw that... spent that $50 at roulette and basically got a free vegas trip and then some out of it.

I have lots of friends who go and not one has ever been able to explain to me why... all they say is "it's worth it" with no explanation.

I would rather spend $3k and go to Asia then one night in Vegas.....

badazzm, can you explain it?
Haha. Well, here it comes. One should never get a bottle service if the intention is to pick up girls. Those girls r sluts and proly have a disease. They will proly take shots, finish ur liquor and bounce. U catch em at end of the night and might get laid. But seriously, u have to be a very big loser if u r using bottle service to get girls.

That being said, I have always had a Gf and m committed to the one now. When I go to a place like Vegas for NYE, I want to make sure my Gf and her friends feel comfortable in their space. Not just standing around and getting touched by random guys. And this kind of molestation only happens during Halloween, July 4th, NYE etc. because the clubs r so packed at these occasions. We usually do house parties but u get tired of that too. NYE comes once in a year and i think $400-$500 is reasonable. BTW Pure quoted us $3K for 3 - 750ml bottles with 5 Champagne's. Not one bottle. Hope u guys have not been thinking it's $3-4k for one bottle. 12 people can't drink 1 bottle. Haha.

If u r single - it's a whole different story

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