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Oh we can get them to work for free…..

IF you didn’t know I work for a large engineering firm. And in the summers we hire summer interns to help us around and to talent scout early.
I just spent 4 hours in a meeting arguing that as it stands with the current socio economic situation that WE HAVE TO PAY OUR SUMMER HIRES!
And that if we DON’T PAY for summer engineering and science interns we will get shit!

But upper middle management has it in their thick skulls that thanks to all these innovation gurus that have written books that people are willing ready and able to innovate and work for free…….WTF!

Who the hell is this stupid to fall for this shit!
Hey kid come over work for us for 40 hours a week because….you like it! WTF!

My god ok, yes due to black berries and the like we are working well over 50 hours a week of which we are only paid for 40.
We are more efficient than before!
And here you have dumb asses thinking…that people will work for free for them…ah WHAT!
Students working for free for you? Do you know how much car insurance is for these kids?
Do you know how much engineering books cost?

My god am I the only one who thinks this is rude? And just plain stupid?