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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
There is no way a 991 Carrera S will keep up with a 458, LFA, ZR1 or current rev of a GTR. That video is Porsche produced propaganda.
All of the cars mentioned in Autoblog have had considerably faster 'ring times when their manufacturers were running laps. Its really apples and oranges to compare a manufacturers ring time to an independent magazines results.
Well, the sport auto time wasnt much different (different days/conditions etc), especially considering that sport auto only does a single hot lap. So yes, 7:38 is absolutely spot on.

Just for comparo, all done by sport auto

GT3 RS 4.0 - 7:30
2011 GTR - 7:36
458 Italia - 7:38
LFA -7:38
991S - 7:44
Corvette ZR-1: 7:38
Lexus LFA: 7:38

Few others for comparison as well:

SLS AMG: 7:40
Ferrari F430 Scuderia: 7:40
Mercedes MacLaren SLR: 7:42
Lamborghini LP-670 Super veloce: 7:42
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera: 7:46

Looks like it keeps up damn well (and better than some much higher hp cars) especially considering these were done on different days with different tires.

Considering the 991S has at least 100 hp less than all the other cars says a lot about the chasis and what its capable of so, again, it does keep up.