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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
I have both a 335i and an M3 and I daily drive both. My 335i is a modded 2010 n54 e92 6AT 335 (Procede, meth, dps, LSD, coils, wheels/tires) and my M3 is a 2013 e92 ZCP DCT M3.

For daily driving, I would say that the M3 looks great and is much more comfortable than my 335i but that's it...otherwise the 335 is much better in that regard.

The 335 is a rocket at any speed and at any RPM. And it gets 25 mpg in mixed driving. The M3 has to be wound up to go fast and even driving it easy I get 15 mpg. Both are fully-loaded with NAV, Premium, upgraded stereo and so it's almost like driving the same car except when you step on the gas.

I drive the M3 more because it's new to me and I'm trying to put more miles on it. I want to break it in nicely before I put my blower and exhaust on. Maybe after those are installed I will have a different opinion. But currently modded 335i > stock M3 for daily duties.
there are way more differences than just that. Its a whole different car in my opinion. The handling, the engine of course; it just feels better. My brother owns a 6MT M3 and I had 6AT 335 FBO. My car was faster in a straight line and it had coilovers but it was no where as fun as the m3. Its an animal. I sold my 335 after 2 years of ownership and am now ready to get into an M3 with DCT
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