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Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
Well congrats on those that got the LRE, but man, paying over sticker?! Really??? It cost as much as a new F10 M5, wow!

And basically negates any 'savings' you get as part of the package. Spec the car a-la-cart, and you will do far better than paying over MSRP. Unless you really care for the silly plaque, which I suppose BMW Marketing is banking on that people do...

All I know is my dealer didn't want a single allocation and was forced to get one (by corporate). He ended up shipping it to a different dealer on the Left Coast where it seems 'MV Adjustments' are a natural phenomenon.
I wouldnt pay over msrp for any car. however, I believe with the additions of the LRE car its worth the extra money. it comes out the same as specing a car with the options it has maybe a little cheaper, unless you did Euro delivery.