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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
What's so special about the snap in? The y cable or just USB cable is more than enough
It frees up your USB port for another device/phone and it's the only way that people who want video playback and PlugIn can get it. And the jury's out on whether there's any reception improvement through induction across the baseplate (the iPhone has never had an external antenna connector, so the car's antenna can't attach to the phone directly).

Originally Posted by 06E90Rostik View Post
Just thinking out loud here. So I see that almost every premium/ish MY 2012-13 car has a 30-pin connector for iPod integration. It probably cost them thousands to work with Apple to develop those cables and use word "iPod" in their systems. Now Apple bends them over and fucks them raw with the new connector.
A little perspective here. Apple held onto the 30-pin connector for 9 years, across multiple generations of multiple product lines. I can't think of any other mobile device connector that's ever lasted that long, except maybe the headphone jack. Yes, the transition is somewhat painful, but it's not as if this happens all the time. And this is why female USB ports rather than male connectors are becoming the standard on more and more cars -- hey, like BMWs!

Originally Posted by N55 View Post
Boooo! I held off on getting a 4s snap in for 6 months since I was going to get the 5. Now another 6+ months. By that time, another new iphone will be announced.
Honestly the cradle isn't worth it even if you have BMW Apps. I had one for my 4S and sold it later, never really having used it. PlugIn is kinda cool, but the native iDrive interface for iDevices is also really good and interoperates better with the split view. Video playback only works while parked and I don't really store videos on my phone anyway -- and if I did I certainly wouldn't sit in a parked car to watch them. Combine that with the irritation of having to remove my case to fit the phone in the cradle every time, and you have a ~$200 paperweight IMHO. Unless you need to free up your USB port for something else, I don't see the value.
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