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Originally Posted by FDfranklin View Post
So I am thinking of getting a truck for daily use/hauling all of my hockey gear. I plan on staying around the 10k range and seem to like the look of Fords. I've never owned a truck in my life and know nothing about them. Am I looking for trouble looking for a Ford with 100k+ miles on it? I really don't want to have to do any work at all on the car.

Here is one I was looking at:

133k Seems like a lot but I have heard Ford trucks run for a long time, is that a risky move buying something with that many miles? Any other suggestions for trucks?

Any help/opinions appreciated!

I had purchased a Mazda B3000 DS in 2002 in order to carry motorcycles. It's a sister-vehicle of the Ford Ranger. I gave it away to a relative four months ago. It had 150,000 miles on it, and the following maintenance/repairs:
- four sets of tires
- two sets of front brake pads
- one coil pack
- one headlamp
- two taillamps
- one center brakelamp
- six spark plugs and wires
- one valve replaced with new gaskets
- two serpentine belts
- five sets of windshield wipers
- front rotors replaced.

That's it. It was utterly reliable.

My daughter has a 2003 Mazda B3000, with 75,000 miles on it.
- two sets of tires
- two sets of wipers
- one brakelamp

And that's all. (I think we'll replace the front brake pads in a few weeks)

The Mazda and Ranger lines have available parts everywhere, so it's very easy to get something fixed -- if you need it.

Also, you may want to get a hard-top tonneau cover that locks. They make it look better (if same color), and help protect your expensive hockey gear or other items, from either theft or inclement weather. They can cost an additional $1,000 - $1,400, but worth every penny.

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