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Man this is Ridiculous I will be taking my front of the line deposit back and get an new s2000! but it gets better I will be working on this s2k like a mother and decided why not have a 500hp race/street s2k revving to 9 or 10k depending on my mods and only weighing in at 2800 lbs. I figure for the money I could build a better damn car!!!

Why!!! Cause I want it MY WAY!!! and for MY PRICE!!!

If you guys have seen my photoshops here on the board you know what I can dream up but its no longer time to just dream its time to put these thoughts into reality! Hopefully I will see some of you guys here in ATL. I will be sure to drop by one of the meets and probably chat it up with you guys and see what I missed out on and hopefully show you guys what I can do with a car. P.S if you need any Data Aqcuisition, lap timers or car camera kits let me know and I will hook you guys up!!!