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Originally Posted by kotik View Post
Thanks, appreciate it.

Do you run stock spark plugs? My car has 55k miles, and is on stock plugs...
It seems that you have a lof of weight savings, especially with those wheels (rotating mass and all). I have 19's, plus full weight of E90, plus I'm 6mt.

It was hard to say what Sam was running, he wasn't very clear... meth and high boost, or meth and low boost, or low boost and pump. For one run I know it was meth and high boost, that's where he got me by many lenghts.

I'm supposed to run C6 (ls2) with full bolt ons (cam's, headers, intake and whatever else is considered bolt on), so I hope to beat him.

M33 he has mentioned you a lot and with a lot of praise! I felt proud of fellow m3 owner beating such a beastly GTR.
He's a cool dude ! Humble too ... Tell him I said what's up , or better yet ill text him Haha ....
But getting back to your car , 6mt vs DCT with the same power as you will be the DCT has a 3 car advantage over the Mt in a 40mph to 160 mph run ...
I think he'll take you even if you were 650 MT or it would be very close ..