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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post

BTW, you NEED at sat/nav in rural England. Signage is incredibly poor and presumes that you can read through mud. You need to know the name of the next little village at each junction because the big city you're going to is often not marked, just the next town, which might not even show up the map.

Before you leave, put in all your destination addresses and you'll do fine. Backup needs to be one of those Atlas books that has details of each county. The national and regional maps are simply not detailed enough.

I'll second that. I bought the UK maps for my Garmin and brought it with me. If you're going to rent a car for a week, it's cheaper to buy a sat/nav than it is to rent one for 5 days from the car companies. It's one of those things they make huge profits off.

We did the same as you, Dave, and entered all our B&B addresses before we left. Worked like a charm. Wifey, who is a very good navigator, also had her mapbook to double check the Garmin.

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