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Originally Posted by kotik View Post
so being that you raced him, is it natural that he walks me? Or should i be concerned?
it's about the same as the second run the OP posted above with the "real 600hp GTR".

p.s. Sam is funny dude He is at the ring every weekend trying to learn the skill the only thing that keeps me sound asleep at night is that he can't touch me there.
Honestly Rick "Erm" said it well you need to be setup right to run those cars, and I doubt there is anything wrong with your car , your car should be at. 500whp and 340wtq where as HITMAN is in the high 5's low 600's and you only have 3-400 lbs advantage on him which it not enough to match his massive torque so him putting 3-4 cars on you is normal , don't forget that HITMAN hit a 10.6 @ 134+mph ... That's fast !! Whereas your car prob traps 120-124 depending if your 6mt or DCT ...

He was surprised ( Sam ) that I took him the way I did , I think we raced 4 times and he got me once cause we started at 30mph where I was out of boost and spun , in low boost mode I murdered him pretty bad and in high boost the gap was like 3 cars in my favor.
But .....
I had less then a 1/4 tank of fuel , was running meth , bbs FI's that weigh 16.6 lbs per wheel compared to stock competition wheels that weigh 26.6 lbs ( which I'm running at the Atco 1/4 event ) & I was running a titanium axle back exhaust that weighed a total of 18lbs so between the wheels and exhaust I had a weight savings of 64lbs which is like adding 20hp .

After dynoing my car on several occasions its netted 650-700 CHP just to give you an idea....

I raced a alpha 9+ with bigger turbos ill post that video up as well ...
During this race I had meth turned off !


Side note : the weather sucked that day we ran it was like 85f with 80% humidity which put my car at 550whp marker I have dyno's showing those figures and conditions whereas when I raced HITMAN it was 70's with 50% humidity which put my car at the 570-580whp marker , now when I raced the silver GTR it was 60'sf with 50% humidity but I didn't have meth installed for those runs.