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Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
You know, they may look like two simple pipes but when you look closely; the smooth mandrel bends, the flares, slip-on flanges, bungs, clamps, welds etc Everything is made beautifully and they don't look that easy to make IMHO.
You are correct, I am making some, the bungs, clamps and flanges only equal about 50 dollars for a set. Here is what gets ya, there is alot of waste pipe, you have to do the mandrel bends first on a longer pipe then cut off one end, you cant make a bend that close to the end of the pipe and flare it. 304 stainless is actually quite expensive in relative terms. Then slip on the flanges and then weld the bungs in. When making 50 sets yes it is easy for the cnc bender to do it. But when making the first set it is very time consuming and expensive.
Really try not to look at how much it costs just for two pipes. The gain in power is where the money comes from. If it was worth 5hp no one would spend the money. I dont see people complaining about spending almost the same money for a set of pulleys that give you no where the gain of the test pipes. Are they over priced, yes they are but I also dont see people complainig about spending 6k on a evo system that makes no more power than the test pipes.
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