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Originally Posted by dvpouldar26 View Post
That GT-R is definitely not a FBO car on e85, more probably just a midpipe and a tune. According to the first video, the car had Stillen downpipes. Stillen does not make downpipes for the GT-R. It also said he was at 20psi on 91 octane on a Cobb tune. Cobb off the shelf tunes are running 15psi. That car definitely can't be running 20psi on 91 octane. Furthermore, injectors and intake were not on that mod list and the the stock injectors would be far maxed out before reaching 20psi as well as the MAF on a stock intake........a little fishy, but nonetheless very impressive for the m3.

Originally Posted by img View Post
You sure you don't have a boost leak ? if your TB clamps are coming off,i"d assume that you got a boost leak !
I dont think it necessarily means he has issues with the kit. I just genuinely believe only the highest boost kits with DCT and the right setup will be able to hang with these 600awhp gtr's. For example, even though on paper there is probably only a 20-30whp difference between the two, I think there is a massive difference in the performance of zim's current car (ess vt2-650 with dct and meth and 18lb bbs FI wheels) and his old car (vt2-625 6 speed with 26lb bbs LM wheels) - as where his current car is an absolute animal (I truley think he genuinely has the fastest stock bottom end M3 S65 hands down) and will beat these GTRs, I think his white M3 would have gotten beaten by them. I've seen some M3's that are just terribly slow for what they have - for example, the white From Russia With Love car made by ACM lost to my buddy danny's stock ctsv and it has a vt2-625 6speed with catless innotech (while I walked danny's car hard with a 625 kit and catless exhaust). All the stars have to align perfectly for our cars to be able to pull on a GTR with those mods

Now if you raced one of these cars, well.......i think theyd be well in your rearview mirror especially into triple digits

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