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Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
I think a large majority have Nav. So if resale is a consideration...

Although I think there will be at least some enthusiasts seeking the non- Nav and 6MT optioned cars years from now...

I much prefer the dash without Nav... but if you prefer it with the double hump... get what you want more.
Agreed on the resale value in the short term. But I believe the resale value of the car will be higher in the long run with non-nav/6mt option for enthusiasts. Supply/Demand Most M3s I see have Nav/Hump, so it'll be harder to find a minimalist M3.

That's why mine does not have a hump/nav, I bought the car and I'm keeping it for a while. If I was leasing, I would've gotten the hump/nav option.

Either way it's all good, it's an M3!!