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Originally Posted by cstreit911 View Post
In GTS we REQUIRE multiple dyno runs from a certified Dyno facility
Thats a joke right? Do you know how easy it is to manipulate numbers on a dyno. Have you ever operated a dyno?
BTW, is there a NASA official at this dyno run?? (quick answer, NO)
And which dyno is preffered (dynojet, dyno dynamics, mustang)?
My point here is that it's currently an "honor" system and I've seen my share of "dis-honorables". Until there is a quick and cheap way to check, like a portable GPS/accelerometer black box on each race car, you'll always have skeptics like me. Or is it that I'm just not fast enough?? hmmm

Originally Posted by cstreit911 View Post
So in fact I'd say e92motorsports has has his HP and weight vetted in GTS more than just about any amateur race series out there.
I'm glad its a 'fact' now
Look, I do or dont believe his car is 275 rwhp and over 3100 lbs race trim -- thats my right to do so.
However, I have seen alot of guys claiming one number (usually whp) yet know for a 'fact' the number is higher since I happen to know the dyno operator. And Ive seen this more then once. So I'm glad you have all the faith in e92 and I aplaud his skill at the track -- and am NOT calling him specifically a LIAR. Just reserve the right to speculate based on experience.

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