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Macht Schnell Test Pipes Installed!! (dyno/video)

Well, here's my latest mod and I'm pretty darn excited about it!

Got Macht Schnell Test Pipes!

I've been waiting for these to come out for a while now. Sure, there's a few full x-pipes on the market already but I feel they are ridiculously priced and I'm not sure they provide any added value. Plus I wanted something not outrageously loud.

It's clear to me now that those pipes are the best of both worlds. They're much cheaper than a full x-pipe + you get to keep the rest of your OE pipe. Secondaries and resonators stay intact, which means no smell and reasonable sound levels. Perfect!

OE vs OE + MS

Full pipe

10/10 fitment! Flanges line up perfectly, O2 bungs are positioned perfectly

A peak inside the stock headers

Now on to the results

We did a handful of before and after dyno runs. The last "before" and the last 'after' were the strongest runs (car keeps making power!). Below is the strongest "before" overlaid with the strongest "after":

<- me when I saw this

At this point I couldn't wait to drive the car! The gains are super consistent and throughout the entire RPM range!!

More graphs of the same runs with different data points I picked at 3500, 5500 and 6000rpm:

That's 15+tq at 3500! 20hp and 20tq at 6000rpm!
Talk about bang for the buck!

Run conditions:

Speed (all runs done in the same gear):

Driving impressions:

The car is an absolute monster! Complete animal! Not that it lacked power to begin with but the extra thrust combined with the sound of the intake/exhaust - I don't know how to describe it, it is just pure bliss!

Granted my tires are pretty old and worn - It is impossible for me to floor it in first and get any kind of traction whatsoever. I also noticed the car hops a bit rather than just spinning the wheels smoothly. I'm still on stock dampers and I'm guessing they might have enough control for my Eibach springs. Anyways that's another story.

I also had some concerns that sound levels would get a little crazy but not at all! The tone got a bit meaner and the car is a tiny bit louder but nothing drastic. Still 0 drone from the Supersprint cans and the cabin is still ridiculously quiet on the freeway. Just perfect!

And since I do not have a bone stock baseline I decided to take a look at my old E90 numbers on the same dyno:

(Peak numbers)

353/258 E90 stock
366/264 E90 with MS intake and pullies
367/261 E92 with MS intake and pullies
383/275 E92 with MS intake, pullies and pipes

Notice how similar the #s for both cars are with intake and pullies? Safe to say I just got a cool 30 peak whp from those 3 mods

I couldn't be happier!

Thanks for reading and also thanks EAS for yet an awesome experience! I will be back for some dyno runs when I get a tune!