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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
why do these guys pay $600+ each for bottle service?

I never understood it

Then again, I'm not the type that gets drunks/parties/goes clubbing more than once a year, if that.
I just can't fathom spending money on drinking/clubbing. I mean...why? What's the point? To hook up? If you need to spend that kind of money to maybe get a woman, then just hire an escort for around 500- 1k and call it a night. Guaranteed, no need to "try," and she will do what you say.

Hell, I remember when I was there during memorial day weekend and I heard it was like $50 to get into a club. I said screw that... spent that $50 at roulette and basically got a free vegas trip and then some out of it.

I have lots of friends who go and not one has ever been able to explain to me why... all they say is "it's worth it" with no explanation.

I would rather spend $3k and go to Asia then one night in Vegas.....

badazzm, can you explain it?
It doesn't always cost that much per person, although prices rise dramatically on New Year's Eve. The trips I've been on, we usually spend $400-$500 per bottle before gratuity. If there is a small group of us like 3 or 4, we'll just get one bottle. For a larger group we'll get two bottles. Here's an example of why I prefer bottle service assuming the prices aren't gouged for a holiday:

Let's say you are a group of 4 and want to go to a club, so you decide to wait in the regular entrance line. After waiting for who knows how long, you each pay $50 for cover to get in totaling $200 for the group so far. Once inside, you still need drinks which cost $10-$12 each. To keep things simple, let's say each person has four drinks apiece at $12 each. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on how much or how little everyone drinks. Those drinks plus 20% gratuity come to around $230 putting the group total to $430. Now had you gone with bottle service, you would not have to wait in the regular line and the cover charge is waived. The other big benefit with bottle service is that you have a place for your group to sit at instead of standing around the bar or dance floor. Don't forget, you also don't have to wait in line at the bar for drinks.
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