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Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
I agree that is a valid point to debate. however, at first you were ignoring price for these cars overall and saying that it is fair to compare a GT3 with an M3. so, suddenly introducing the price argument into the equation is a flip-flop on your part, and you're clearly just arguing anything that you can get to agree with your case, rather than what's right and fair.

I wouldn't know where to look up those costs so that we're looking at real numbers, but if it's true that the motors cost about the same, then suddenly the 911 chassis and body become even more expensive relative to the M3. I have always loved 911's, but they are WAY over-priced for what Porsche charges. especially now. however, I digress. the S65 should cost as much as the carrera engines as it's a far superior motor IMO. if you look at it that way, consider what an amazing chassis BMW is offering for $30k.
I never said it was fair to compare new price vs. new price...because it flat out is not. Hard to argue prices though because its dependant on so many variables especially when BWMs market is primarily >100K and Porsche's is 100K+. i.e. how much is due to better quality, rarity, or simply just the mark up of a higher end brand.
Porsche's are expensive and overpriced a bit, but I think Ferraris and Lambos and the like all are way, way overpriced (and most is simply due to lower production numbers)...frankly everything these days is overpriced, our M3s included...they are a bargain next to most other cars that are much higher priced. You could easily make the same arguement for the M3 GTS and how much youre paying for that same chasis vs. motor compare that car to a GT3 and things are clearer in terms of overall price.

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