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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
Here is a valid point. What are the crate costs of all these motors?

I know a 4.0 is quite expensive, but last I remember a 3.6/3.8 GT3 block isnt much difference in price AS A CRATE MOTOR compared to the S65. Both run about 30K IIRC.
I agree that is a valid point to debate. however, at first you were ignoring price for these cars overall and saying that it is fair to compare a GT3 with an M3. so, suddenly introducing the price argument into the equation is a flip-flop on your part, and you're clearly just arguing anything that you can get to agree with your case, rather than what's right and fair.

I wouldn't know where to look up those costs so that we're looking at real numbers, but if it's true that the motors cost about the same, then suddenly the 911 chassis and body become even more expensive relative to the M3. I have always loved 911's, but they are WAY over-priced for what Porsche charges. especially now. however, I digress. the S65 should cost as much as the carrera engines as it's a far superior motor IMO. if you look at it that way, consider what an amazing chassis BMW is offering for $30k.