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Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
please just stop. I will again point out your misstatements, but this is the last time as I'm done debating with you.

first, you did in fact make it personal when you insulted my reading comprehension, which is unnecessary and also ridiculous considering you were wrong about what you actually said. my last post proved that. second, I know that you meant concede - did you not read what I just wrote? it's just embarrassing for you because not only is succede not a word (sorry to bring up improper vocabulary, but you were the one who turned this personal), but admitting that you called the 991's motor into question is only proving my point that you were wrong when you said you never brought it up.
Again, I meant to use the word cede, not concede. They are synonyms.
So you are wrong...I didnt mean to use concede, but had originally meant to type "you so cede...". Not "you concede". There is a difference in words not in meaning.
One more time, typing on a phone doesnt always yield proper grammar as I tend to like to keep grammar at least somewhat decent when typing on a forum that tends not to care much.