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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
Sure buddy
I think it's crazy how many amateur racers straight out lie about their whp and weight to make a certain class...
Just happened to catch this. I'd say you are WAY out of line accusing him of lying about his HP. I'm pretty familiar with the guy charged with monitoring and enforcing the rules of NASA GTS. I've known him for 43 years now at last count.

In GTS we REQUIRE multiple dyno runs from a certified Dyno facility to class a competitor and run our cars on Dyno's and scales every chance we get. I can tell you for sure that e92motorsports podium at NASA Nationals ensures he gets on the officials scales and controlled dyno during that week. We also put in external devices for correlation into leading cars. I had one in my car at Nationals. No favoritism.

People used to like to say that Randy@Epic was not giving the full story about his HP too. I watched him drive away in the rain. That isn't HP. That's all driver. So in fact I'd say e92motorsports has has his HP and weight vetted in GTS more than just about any amateur race series out there. I think you owe him an apology.

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