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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
According to a thread on NAGTROC this video is BS and the gtr was stock (there is no way you can run the claimed boost in the video on that octane without the motor knocking itself to death, and on top of it stillen doesnt even make downpipes lol).

Also, from my experience against GTR's I would agree - GTR's with those modifications can trap ~130+ in the 1/4, and I personally dont see a 6 speed off the shelf VF620 (no race gas, no meth, no DCT) pulling that hard on a car that traps that high - let alone be able to hand around from a 1st gear roll like you said. Looks more to me the M3 ran a stock 2012 Black Edition like many others have said on the other forums.

Nice run nonetheless!
I know for a fact that the gtr wasn't stock. I met him through a friend of mine. BUT I was ONLY going off of what HE was telling me.

As for 1st gear...he was in 1st gear for a split second and he would get me then I would pull on it.

Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
nothing is wrong with your car, this video is just misleading and innacurate... the GTR should pull on that M3 or at least put up a damn good fight with those supporting mods, which is why I as well as many others are assuming its stock.

If you have DCT, an 8psi+ supercharger kit, and meth/racegas then I can see the M3 running with cars such as that, but a 6 psi 6speed M3 like the one in this video is not going to cut it
Again...I was going off of what HE told me. He actually told me he had 605whp, but obviously I didn't believe him because he would of killed me.

Originally Posted by m33 View Post
I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to come
In here hating when in reality I would be talking the truth but people don't like the truth....
So.... Great runs

Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Agreed... the GT-R is stock no doubt.
GTR was not stock.

Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Im sure the M3 is fast but not to stir the pot, there no way the GT-R running 20 PSI or those mods. Something is a miss in the GT-R's mod list. Its a stock gt-r.

1. Stillen doesn't even make down pipes for the GT-R.

2. 20 PSI would not even be possible without upgrading the intake size from 2.75 to 3.0 inch because the MAF would be maxed out.

3. 20 PSI and no fuel injectors? Not possible either.

If a GT-R actually had these mods, he would be lucky if it lasts 50 miles lol.

Wish we could tell the speed though.
Again. Going off of what he told me.

Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Absent the GT-R owner verifying mods, there's another way to find out.

Joe will be at the Shift-S3ctor event, and there are plenty of GT-R's signed up, including a few 2013's....some stock and some modded.
Yes I am signed up for saturday.