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Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
well, as long as you're making this personal and questioning my reading comprehension, I would first point out what I bolded above, "smooth linear power delivery." please tell me what you mean by that, because if linear power delivery means something other than a smooth torque curve, I'm stumped. I'm all ears, professor.

and secondly, you absolutely did bring up the 991. what am I missing? you said, "you succede the 3.8 in the 991 is a better engine". I don't know what elementary school you went to, but there's no such word as succede. and it isn't a spelling error, because "succeed" wouldn't make sense in that context. I think what you meant was "concede." and that proves my previous point about you bringing up the 3.8 in the 991.

for your own benefit, here's the definition of concede according to Merriam-Webster:

verb: to accept as true, valid, or accurate

please read this post (and your previous posts) carefully before taking any further personal shots at me and embarrassing yourself in the process.
Not making anything personal but when youre typing from a phone...its sometimes difficut to correct everything. and meant to type "cede" in surrendering a particular point.
Since youre the one trying to now play professor...hwo else would you describe the power of a GT3?? Maybe we can get into logarithmic functions and theory a bit?