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Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
Thanks. I've done the usual track mods: tires, suspension and brakes.

Tracked OE PS/2, then PSS, then AD08, all on ZCP wheels. Then 18" R-S3. Looking to try NT01 soon.

Ran stock brakes for first 4 track days, then tried Porterfield R4S pads with SS lines and Motul fluid. 13 more track days later, melted the second set of R4S front pads at Big Willow and drove home pretty much engine braking. Then, a few days later, a track buddy decided to part out his car and sold me his Brembo BBK.

Suspension-wise, tracked stock ZCP, then ran Ground Control sleeve kit (with -4.0f & -2.5r camber), and recently bought JRZ from another track buddy who was parting out his car and ran 4 track days with it.

No engine or exhaust mod.
Thanks for the info. I am on NT-05's right now, and I think they are garbage. I was hoping to get the NT-01's next, but the sizes that they have don't favor the 9.5/10.5 setup that i am running. Have you been happy with the RS3's? That is what I am leaning towards for the next set of tires, and I have heard good things about them. The car just wont stick with the NT-05's, but i guess they are just glorified street tires.