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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
The S65 is argueably BMWs best engine...maybe the best theyve ever built. IMO, that means you need to compare it to Porsche's best, or one of its best. The 3.6 liter 997.1 GT3 engine was a marvel (415 hp), the 3.8 liter engine (435/450 hp) was even better, and the RS 4.0 engine (500 hp) is simply nothing short of a masterpiece that few engines can match in any aspect under the sun. Those 3 engines provide it all from smooth linear power delivery to top end pull, torque, name it.
This comparison makes no sense succede the 3.8 liter in the 991 is a better engine, so you pick prob their worst engine to compare to BMWs arguable best...what good is it comparing if youre not apple to apples on best vs. best?
I can understand not comparing to the 4.0, thats just unfair, but the 3.6/3.8 would be essentially what would be apples to apples.
Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
Where did I say it had a flat tq curve...maybe if your reading comprehension were a bit better youd see I never said anything like that. Keep making up things though...that will get you far.
And again, I never said anything about the 3.8 in the 991...the GT3 motors mentioned are as old if not older than the S65.
well, as long as you're making this personal and questioning my reading comprehension, I would first point out what I bolded above, "smooth linear power delivery." please tell me what you mean by that, because if linear power delivery means something other than a smooth torque curve, I'm stumped. I'm all ears, professor.

and secondly, you absolutely did bring up the 991. what am I missing? you said, "you succede the 3.8 in the 991 is a better engine". I don't know what elementary school you went to, but there's no such word as succede. and it isn't a spelling error, because "succeed" wouldn't make sense in that context. I think what you meant was "concede." and that proves my previous point about you bringing up the 3.8 in the 991.

for your own benefit, here's the definition of concede according to Merriam-Webster:

verb: to accept as true, valid, or accurate

please read this post (and your previous posts) carefully before taking any further personal shots at me and embarrassing yourself in the process.