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Originally Posted by ranger22 View Post
Maybe not what you are looking for, but I own both an E90 M3 and a Cayman R (3.4 DFI). While I love the cayman for the track, the power output and sound of the E90 is far more impressive than the R. Its not that I don't appreciate the sound of a Porsche motor running through its RPM range, its just that the BMW motor is so much more impressive in sound and speed with which is gathers speed.

Before the M3, I had an S5 and that motor was completely lame compared to the M3. It sounded slow and lethargic. Back then, I traded my S5 for a friends M3 for a day and the motor was what won me over.
Totally agree! The music produced by the S65 in my M3 beats the sound in the 991 C2S hands down. Regular 911s don't sound all that good. U will need at least a 997 GT3 or a Turbo for that. When test driving the 991, i kept getting irritated by the induction note of their latest flat 6 and din think i was willing to trade in my S65 for that no matter how quick it goes around a track.
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