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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
The S65 is argueably BMWs best engine...maybe the best theyve ever built. IMO, that means you need to compare it to Porsche's best, or one of its best. The 3.6 liter 997.1 GT3 engine was a marvel (415 hp), the 3.8 liter engine (435/450 hp) was even better, and the RS 4.0 engine (500 hp) is simply nothing short of a masterpiece that few engines can match in any aspect under the sun. Those 3 engines provide it all from smooth linear power delivery to top end pull, torque, name it.
This comparison makes no sense succede the 3.8 liter in the 991 is a better engine, so you pick prob their worst engine to compare to BMWs arguable best...what good is it comparing if youre not apple to apples on best vs. best?
I can understand not comparing to the 4.0, thats just unfair, but the 3.6/3.8 would be essentially what would be apples to apples.
this is pathetic. why don't we compare the S65 to Ferrari's best engine of all time while we're at it? there comes a point at which two cars are in such vastly different price categories that they can't be compared with any expectation of fairness. the GT3 is essentially twice as expensive as the M3. do you really still think that this is apples to apples? how convenient that you write off the P-car that is less expensive (though still in a materially higher price category) as opposed to acknowledging that BMW has a much better engine, and at a lower price point to boot. and the 991 motor was excluded because that came out 6 years after the S65. please go enjoy your Porsche and don't bother posting such nonsense.

but while you brought it up, the torque curve on the GT3 motors is not as flat as the S65, contrary to what you said.