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Originally Posted by mastek View Post

That would be great here on the West Coast. Ive been to over 30 events at 10 different tracks over the years here with both NASA and BMWCCA and a weight scale for the podium finishers is the most anyone checks here. Meanwhile, there are guys running 370 rwhp e36 race cars in GTS3 and CMOD and IP??
Are you sure they are running their CM configuration or IP config? Back when I had my E36 IP car, I would have to change my ECU to drop my power.

Originally Posted by mastek View Post

I was at 298 rwhp with bolt ons & software and 3200 lbs without driver and fuel on a street e46m3.
Now with NASA and BMWCCA most e46m3s are in GTS4 due to the 330+ rwhp and 2900 race weight.

As long as your sticker makes you feel good, but from what I see in that Video, (and by the way, your braking and turn in points and lines were much better then that nervous 993 in front of you = u r the better driver there... and I would have been very nervous passing him) looks more like your at approx 300+ rwhp and from your change of direction I would say that your weight is about what you say, maybe a bit less.
BTW, Randy tunes s54s with bolt ons for 320rwhp all day.
270-280 rwhp is what an OE e46m3 with OE headers/cats does out of the box.... and I assume you have some mods, no?
He was kind of vague when he stated EPIC tune. There is a DEtune available through EPIC. Unrestricted, yea, E46 M3s make 330+, but most guys running GTS3 have a Detune putting them in th 275-285 neighborhood. It brings down peak HP but leaves torque practically unchanged in the middle.

Basically, what youre saying is, that the top 3 finishers at NASA nationals were cheaters?

Here is one of my latest blog posts sure to fire off some cheater talk from ya... turned 202.55s at Watkins Glen in GTS3. Look at the YouTube link (crap quality), but I guess I only have cheater horsepower in the corners? Those Vettes Im chasing down make 360+ rwhp and they sure do pull away like they have 80hp on me, not 30. In another blog post, I also delve into data.

Occasionally I do have to entertain these cheater-type threads. Typically I don't even get involved since the outcome never works out. The guy accusing never really accepts it and I waste all my time posting.

See similar thread here at about post #381. I reply in #386... Im not going to do the same here, but Im sure data would back it all up. People were accusing Randy (of EPIC) cheating too, until they slapped a black box on his car, as well as his competition, and it clearly showed braking points being later, as well as corner speeds being 5MPH faster. Sure, he was cheating too...

Lastly, I will say that Ive only met Stephen 2-3 times now and he seems like a super respectable dude. His car did not pull mine at all anywhere at Nationals. Pretty sure he was impounded at least once on the dyno too. He has improved quite a bit and you can see that in the corners, where you can have all the power you want, but the min. corner speeds dont change

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