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Originally Posted by dogbone View Post
hehe thanks!

The car is on JRZ RS Pro, setup by R's Tuning. It has a VF620 and AP Racing. Yes the wheels are Apex Arc-8's---9.5, 10.5. 265/285 Hankook R-S3's. The height is totally adjustable during setup and can be pretty much whatever height you want.

The side pic of the car parked is with the street wheels---19" MORR VS8.2 in Signature Black. PSS 255/275.

And the bottom pic on track is at Buttonwillow at Speed District's most recent event on the ARC-8's.

The car is generally a sleeper--no tint, completely stock exhaust, no lips/splitters or diffusers, so it doesn't rub the ground at all. Ok it has painted reflectors and LED Angel eyes, but so many BMW's have white angel eyes now, so that look doesn't look aftermarket. The things that hint that something's up are the yellow "AP Racing" logos on the black brakes, the car sits lower than stock and I guess the wheels not being stock could be a hint. I do have small VF stickers on the side now, but no one on the outside seems to know what those stand for....C'mon, I'm just a quiet blue sedan (except for a bit of blower whine).....nuthin' going on here.....I mean look in the back seat. My two kids are chillin' back there no problem...... Wait is that a trunk full of soccer stuff? Yup, I'm off to coach the kids at practice in my blue sedan!!! Next day: Oh wait, now the trunk is full of track paraphernalia and a floor jack, and there's a full set of track wheels across the back seat......wait, is that blue sedan going to a track???
Thanks for the info. Car looks great. I love the sleeper look--regular Joe wouldn't know that you've done anything to the car, but those in the know would definitely pick up on and appreciate the stance, the negative camber, the AP brakes, and the little VF stickers.

I do the same with my car. Takes me to work every day. Hauls the kids around on weekends. Goes to the store, to Home Depot, to the nursery for pumpkins and Fall flowers. Rides on Blizzaks in the Winter. And then 10+ times a year goes to the track with a set of track wheels and tires, jack, torque wrench, tire gauge, chairs, collapsible tent, etc. The Corvette guys always give us that quizzical look when we pull all that stuff out of the car.

If I decide to keep the car after the lease term, I'll probably do a JRZ setup as well.
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