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Reno-Fernley Raceway 3-day track event

Hey guys,

I used to have an M3 and don't spend too much time on this forum anymore, but wanted to tell you about a great 3-day track event coming up, Oct 26-28.

This will be mostly Porsche GT3s, but all cars are welcome. There may be some BMWs, Corvettes, and who knows what else.

For details, check out the following links:

Most people at this event are experienced, fast drivers, and we are looking for those with experience who are courteous and can handle themselves out on the track. Safety of course is the biggest priority. However, there will be some track newcomers at this event and there are also still a few spots available for first timers.

This is going to be a great event - come hang out with a bunch of GT3 track nuts! For more info, check out the site.