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Originally Posted by m45 View Post
Check out my thread.....

I have an appointment next Monday with McKenna BMW for them to take a look at my comfort access system. I had my tint done at STM, and after delaying several times over the last few months, I'm finally taking it in to check out. Hopefully it's just my CA system and not the tint, but putting the comfort access problems aside, STM did a fantastic job on my install.

I will step up and warn you that Huper can potentially interfere with your comfort access system. I've done a ton of research on the subject since my CA problem started after the install. I'll be updating my thread in about 2 weeks after I get my car serviced.
Your thread was what got me nervous about the HO since both you and GOLFFRR had problems after the install. I knew from the posts GOLFFRR had it done by Han at STM, but I didn't know yours was also installed there.

The only thing that seemed more puzzling was how it affected your access only on the driver side and how it would have problems with the key even INSIDE the car. I did read a thread somewhere where the OP said only his key was problematic, but if he used his wife's key, everything worked like brand new. The thread was somewhat lost to follow up, so I was never really sure what happened in the end.

Thank you everyone for the replies so far!