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PS2 Winter performance

Originally Posted by cichlid View Post
Wondering about the PS2 stock tires for winter use in the NW.

I already know the PS2 is no good in the snow and ice, no problem I have a Jeep ready to go. Not going to the mountains in the M3. Just thinking about the ordinary cold wet urban conditions. The M3 will not be used when black ice is a threat.

I hear that the PS/2 there performs poorly when it's wet and cold, so I'm wondering about real experiences of local PAC NW M3 drivers with PS2. How do they do in cold/wet conditions. Do you change tires or keep the PS2?

Despite those that claim they turn to hockey pucks, I have driven PS2s through many Winters with no big problems down to almost freezing. You just have to adjust your driving to the available traction. Once you hit snow or ice though, there is almost zero traction. I've got some PSSs to mount now and I will see if those are any better in those conditions, but I doubt it (supposed to be great in rain, though). I've got a '12 ML with extra wheels mounted with Winters for the bad stuff, but I have been caught off guard in the M3 a couple times - can be butt-puckering!

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