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Originally Posted by CardSurge View Post
Luckily my fiancee is plastics. The pec flap is only a phone call and trip the florist away!
Nicely done! Now you're protected--you can do an 8-hour Redo AVR/MVR/CABG on an 84 yo, get paid almost nothing by Medicare for it, and yet not care because your spouse will be doing noses and boobs and getting cash for it!

Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Medicine will never get fixed in the US until someone makes this one determination:

Is equal access to all healthcare a fundamental right of all citizens or not? If yes, then full government based healthcare is the only way it can happen. If, no, then, in one form or another, people will get what they can afford.

In the end, it is easy to blame insurance companies, drug companies, lawyers, etc. While they do contribute to the problem, the general public is just as much to blame due their irresponsible over-indulgences, ridiculous expectations and disproportionate sense of entitlement.
Well said. I'm a cardiac anesthesiologist and agree with your whole post.

Originally Posted by Echo M3 View Post
Don't forget the Vanco trough.

OP, my car was recently keyed in a hospital parking lot. So I know how much it sucks when some ungrateful soul takes out his anguish on your car.
Pathetic. Sometimes I wonder about society as a whole.

Looks like I'll have to "friend" all of you guys now...
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