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Cannot say enough good things about eclipsisNA's work. I've had a bunch of so-called "paint guys" polish/wax/clay and give it all the big talk but the improvement was only ever a case of "lipstick on a pig"- it soon wore off.

The work the founder, Eric, is capable of is a different class. The paint is actually fixed to factory condition rather than just temporarily filled. Another separating factor is he treats the car like it's his own, never taking a shortcut and always making sure the work is as good as humanly possible. You also get no BS or upselling-- all stuff I'm sadly all too used to having been in the car game for too long.

It's hard to think of negatives so I don't sound like a paid ad. It's not a quick turnaround, as it's not a half-assed job, so expect to be without your car for 4 or 5 days. And that's it. For the price of two shitty "details" that will do nothing substantive, you can have someone who understands paint like no one else I've met improve your car's appearance and it's resale.

Last but not least, he's also a certifiable car nut who "gets it" like few other people in the industry. Anyhow, saying al this nice stuff (and meaning it) is making me feel nauseous so I'll get back to bashing the dreadful BMW of Beverly Hills and BMWs decision to rename the M3 an M4...