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Originally Posted by joe@trinityautosport View Post
DAMN! Good time! Yea I would pass him in the straights but in the corners he just blew by me. I was only doing 1:55 that day with rs3's.
Thanks. I passed him on the infield, and never saw him again during that session. He came back into the pits after me so I know he was still out there.

Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
Oh, you drove a GT-R, yeah? Philip's buddy?

The Stohr had vibrations problem with the front tires that day and couldn't go full out.
Ahh That makes sense. Looked pretty mean sitting in the pits.

Originally Posted by rhouck View Post
Pretty sure the owner said it has a top speed of only ~135 mph due to drag so I wouldn't be surprised if it was losing lots of ground to you in the straights
Yeah. I don't think it has much power for acceleration either. Like I mentioned I passed him in the infield on turn 5-6. He dropped back quite a bit on the straight after turn 6. My GTR is stock aside from mid pipe and wider tires.