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Originally Posted by spr View Post
So looks like springs are only 10mm less so less than 1/2". I am debating just flashing the edc with ZCP software as well as euro mdm and call it a day...
I did the ZCP EDC flash and Euro MDM from Mike. I did not get to test the Euro MDM since there are threads covering that topic already.

For the ZCP EDC, right after flash the whole car feels firmer than before for all the settings. I think this might be done to offset the slightly lowered right height so that the car won't bounce too much and hit the bump stop too often (my theory). Even thought the whole suspension is stiffer, it is still compliant for small bumps, and now even the Sport EDC is smoother over small bumps unlike the non-ZCP EDC fixed value which is stiff all the time.

The ZCP EDC is different for E90 E92 and E93.

I actually got a full set of E90 ZCP suspension, thinking they might be same for E92 but since the part number and software is different, I think I am going to sell them and get the E92 set instead.

What I think, the ZCP EDC makes the non-ZCP EDC one stiffness grade higher for Comfort and Normal while adding compliance for Sport mode.