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Originally Posted by alynM3 View Post
Mr. tbone sir... you should be banned from updating this thread anymore until we get some damn pictures of your beautiful car. Im sick of seeing this thread at the top of the list with no new pics...

On a side note, dont do the bulged tire in front and the stretched in rear... that will just look silly.

Cant help you too much on your tire selection... I fell in love with Vredestein a few years back (and that doesnt seem to be in your grouping). I simply love the way they handle and they are super reasonable price wise. I too wanted a 305 in the rear but ran into the same problem you are having in that they dont make a 305/25. Thankfully they do make a 295/25 thats pretty beefy and beautiful. Anyway, good luck with your dilemma... And stop bumping this damn thread til there are pics to share.
Lol! getting close. Build is close to done. I used to run Vred's. they were the original hankooks. Best bang for the buck. I liked them too until I blew out a tire going 80. Got scared and stayed away. They also started increasing their prices as people discovered them