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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
...Caster...I think Vorshlag recommends max caster which gives you some more static negative camber. IIRC, Vorshlag ships their plates in the max caster setting so it is what it is.
Actually, we ship the plates in the recommended caster position for each model. For the E90 we ship it in the minimum caster position. The E90 and E80 chassis have the multilink lower arm that gives the car enough caster that more is not needed. Adding caster also prevents getting maximum camber - so it's a tradeoff on whether you want a lot of camber and no additional caster, or some additional camber and some additional caster.

For the older chassis (E36 and E46) and some other cars (GD Subaru, Mitsubishi EVO 5-9) they need all the caster they can get.
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