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Input needed on tire brand and size selection

Alright guys, getting ready to rebuild my LM-R's and have run into tire size availability issues in the brands I want to run, so looking for some feedback

When I first started looking at tires a few months back, my top 2 choices were:

Michelin PSS
Toyo T1R

Alternative choices were:
Hankook V12
Nitto Invo

I've run PS2's in the past, and loved them, so figured the PSS would be similar/better. I've run T1R's and really like them for the money. I currently run V12's on my mercedes. I prefer the T1R's over them. I've have never run Invo's, but they're in the running simply because they offer the sizes I need.

Goal is to run a 285/25 on a 10" front and 305/25 on 11" rear. Car is lowered on KW V3's. Both these sizes were listed on michelin and toyo's websites a few months back.

The 305/25 has since been removed from Michelin's site. 285/25 available.
The 305/25 toyo is still available. The 285/25 is no longer produced, but is still on Toyo's site for some reason.

Get the picture now?

So basically, I now have to compromise on a set-up, and this is where I'm looking for some feedback.

Options if I stick with a 10"/11" rim:

- Nitto Invo in 285/25 and 305/25 (Don't know if these are good or bad tires, but they would be the correct [and my desired] sizes on these rim widths)
- Michelin PSS in 285/25 and 295/25 (This will make front sidewall a little bulged and rear sidewall a little stretched - funny looking?), and swap the rear to a 305 if Michelin starts making it in that size.

Options if I build front as a 9.5" and rear 11:

- Michelin PSS in 245/30 and 295/25 (so front has slight stretch to match rear). The 245 seems stretched on a 9.5" rim, but Michelins do tend to run a bit on the wide side so guessing it would look like a 255 Toyo, for example. Nevertheless, I still think it would make for a slight stretch on a 9.5" rim. Then, hope that Michelin makes 255/30 and 305/25 sizes in the future and swap out then
- Hankook V12's in 255/30 and 305/25 (which would be optimal sizes for the rim widths)

The other question Darwin@Sonic brought up to me should I decide to stick with a 10"/285 front set-up: My tire choices are severely limited as compared to running a 9.5" front. So if companies stop making a 285/25 front, I'm basically screwed. It's a very good point and something I hadn't considered previously.

Feedback and comments welcome. What would you do??