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I test drove a fully-loaded 991 C2S on Saturday. honestly, I wasn't too impressed. It seems to have lost much of the excitement that has always been typical of 911's. It feels noticeably bigger and more stable, and while that will appeal to 95% of Porsche buyers (as will the unnecessarily large 20" wheels coming standard on the S), it was a disappointment to me. no question that this is due to the wider front track and longer wheelbase (though I must say that turn-in is much improved). steering feel was also unfavorable. however, the optional sport exhaust sounds sensational (very crackly on downshifts).

while I have no question that this will be a home-run car for Porsche, personally, I'd take a 997 over it and spend the change on track days. I, for one, loved my 997 for its go-kart-like dynamics and feeling of nervousness driving near the limit - it made you feel much more alive.