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Originally Posted by Majdnoon View Post
Alright guys, here is my dilemma. At first I wanted to get an E92 and use it as a DD with some track time as well. Only problem is gas is pretty damn expensive, plus I want to hit the track WAY more often now that I've tried it. I think I'd probably treasure an E92 too much to risk it at a track haha.
So as an alternative I was thinking to get into an F10 5 series, probably a 535d or something of the sort, and then buy myself a low-mileage E46 as a track/weekend car. That way I get my compromise of the badassery of an M car, plus the luxurious comfort of an F10.
I'm kind of torn between the ideas. I love all three cars, but I'm just not too sure about which to go with. What do you guys think would be a better idea? Should I just get the E92 and use it as a DD, or should I go with the F10+E46? What's your opinion on this? I wanna see what the best decision would be here.
F10 + E46.
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