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Originally Posted by GT3 Tim View Post
When I was in Hawaii (O'ahu) last Spring, I drove by his house. His front gate is just as gaudy as him. Also, the locals that worked at a nearby resort said he was a total ass. NO tips, demands everything, etc. Apparently not the lovable "people person" he appears to be on tv.

Lemme see if I can find a pic....

Ah, Google Images provides....(not my pics).

This does not surprise me, on the show he does this whole, Religious thing with people he is chasing, talks about god how they need to be good person because people care about them.

A few times on the show, they shown what appears to be his house, or lets you believe is his house, and it does not look like something that is behind a gate that is for sure. He comes across as this very simple person.

I watch the show a few times when channel surfing and stopped then he started the whole knee down and pray with the guy he just dragged out of a house and who is wanted for a laundry list of things. This show turned into Operation Repro for humans verse cars.

He is no better than the rest of the Hollywood types.