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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
Again, never claimed a 911 was the most exotic car...just that it has cache in its' own right.
And furthermore, those ARE the Porsche I HAVE owned. 996 911 was a college graduation present and bought the 996 turbo cab a couple years ago as a summer car. Wouldnt expect you to know that though.
Wether you can see it or not, I do enjoy the has been one of THE most enjoyable cars of the many I have owned. I already have a deposit on the F3/8x already too.
Don't disagree..... ANY 911 Porsche carries some level of cache IMO.

Perhaps your overwhelming affinity for Porsche, and your posts indicating such, overshadows any positive posts you have made here on this forum for BMW M3's.

The jury is still out for me on the new M3/M4. Not sold on the looks of the F8x.