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Originally Posted by robackja View Post
+1 blizzaks. as long as its under a few inches and you are not plowing snow with the front bumper, its amazing how well it goes in the snow... but really even without snow, < 32F with summer tires is dangerous in dry weather.
+1 I have separate wheels & blizzaks that have gotten me through 3 winters. This car IS very capable in inclement weather - I remember passing a lineup of 5 cars stuck at an uphill stop sign two winters ago. All of them were AWD. As for how it plows...

My boss just knows I'll be working from home if we're getting more than a few inches

I had a little reminder this morning how unsuited summer tires are in the cold. Pulled out well ahead of oncoming traffic and gave a little extra gas. Where the car would have normally hooked up, the tail end stepped out on me a good 4 feet or so. Caught it & laughed... The bonus was that no one tailgated me on the way over to I25.
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