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Originally Posted by armyav8tor
Originally Posted by GIdriver View Post
Really? Well that sounds like a lot for a pulley in our cars.
I didn't feel a noticeable difference between MS filter and stock.

No noticeable difference between MS filter and AA pulley. Confirmed by 1/4 mile track where I trapped no better than 110mph.

Butt dyno and 1/4 mile timeslip showed a good improvement when I switched from MS to AA green filter, AA pulley and Akrapovic Evo exhaust. Trapped 116mph and this was before the 231e software update from dealer.

I'm not trying to discount anything but personally, I think those dynos are full of shit. I've seen too many bs dyno sheets here lately. 400 whp with tune and bolt on's? Sure....... Whatever float your boat man but I would take my car to the track and confirm if it is really faster in real life or just on a roller.
I would attribute your gains more to the Akra Evo rather than the pulleys and filter, but I am sure they all work well together.
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