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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
First of all...very much dislike Obama...Ill leave it at that.

Ive owned a 996 911, 996 Turbo Cabrio and a Cayman S...and have been able to drive 997.2 GT3s on many weekends during the summer as my cousin owned one but was driven and kept mostly by me during this time.
I never said the 911 was the most exotic car. Short of a CGT, there isnt a Porsche that will garner more attention than a Ferrari or Lamborghini...but it also isnt supposed to at the same time.
I have been in my fair share of Gallardo and 458 Italias too and yes they garner a lot of attention but at the same time the people I know who own both a Porsche and a Ferrari never have better things to say about the Ferrari than the Porsche...just a matter of opinion.

If you READ what I wrote, I said it cant match it in driving dynamics. Only one who needs to get a life is you buddy...if you dont like what I opine on, dont read it.
You just agreed with me on my point about the Porsche. Once again, I'm simply saying that IMO the 991S, while a great car and will most likely prove to be more reliable than a Gallardo, F430 or AMV, is not woth $140K to me. I (and most general non fanboi types) would prefer a more exotic car at that price point like a 3-4 year old F430 or Gallardo.

I know that you despise Obama as much as I do and I know the Porsches you have owned Greg. You fell for my "questioning" on what Porsches you (or your father, save for the CaymanS) have owned and the "Obama" comment hook, line and sinker.

If you would just stop being such a Porsche fanboi, all would be ok. It's the reason you have been banned from here before under different user names. Its a damn shame too because when you aren't suckling on the Porsche teet, you offer some good insight on the M3 (i.e. exhaust, wheels, etc.).