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Originally Posted by redline9001 View Post
Drew is running a vt3 with about 725-750 hp and DCT

Plus there are tons of SC DCT cars with over 600hp with no issues.
Drew's clutches were slipping with his VT3. The DCT can handle up to 625/650 kit area, after that expect slippage.

To be honest my DCT has never been the same after the blower. Prior to the blower it was smooth/crisp. Towards the tail end of having the blower (and consequentially now after removing the blower) the transmission became clunky/notchy and very un-stock like (if that makes any sense) - I started hearing increased whining from the tranny at low speeds, and it is just unbelieveably clunky (NOTE, there was never any slippage or adverse effects on performance; just simply a reduction in smoothness/comfort after miles of abuse with the blower).

In conclusion, you should be fine with the DCT and the blower - but just take it easy on the launch controls, is all dependent on how you drive - there are individuals with blowers that do the occasional pull on the highway and for the rest of the time drive it relatively calmly and will never see an issue with the DCT; then there are others that take the car to the strip with sticky tires and try cutting sub 1.8 60ft's over and over and after time this will obviously take its tolls on the tranny. Its a strong transmission, you should have nothing to worry about.

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