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Originally Posted by DiavelM3 View Post
Didn't you mention that the guy who owns the Scud also owns the heavily modded GT-R? So you're talking 510HP vs maybe 600hp? If you say heavily modded, maybe even 650-700hp?
Driver ability have a lot to do with it. I'm surprised in this day in age that you still believe it's ALL the car. A seasoned SCCA racer with a stock 350z could run circles around this modded 350z with an amateur driver...
Anyway, It's a very nice car and nice build
Wait what? I meant that driver skills IS IMPORTANT and not ALL CAR. Sorry if I confused you with the poor wording. I was saying how poor driving skills isn't a factor that the Scuderia went slower than the 350z because clearly the driver is pretty good as he set the fastest lap time on the track on his GT-R. But yes his GT-R is 650 WHP so thats like ~790 HP LOL